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CareEx Exhibition and Training

For the past few years, the labor market all over the world is grappling with the effects of covid-19 and a looming economic recession. Through the National Skills Development and Employment Promotion Strategy (NSDEPS), the government of Rwanda has been at the forefront of increasing job creation. The latest report by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NSIR) showed a reduction in the unemployment rate at the end of 2022, and Career exhibitions have proven very successful in matching job seekers to big companies. The Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA), in collaboration with the private sector, has organized a number of successful job fairs that allowed youth to be trained on relevant skills and be placed in jobs.

The CareEX exhibition is organised by E3 International Ltd in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) and City of Kigali (CoK). This career exhibition will take place for 3 days during the employment promotion week starting May 1st on International Workers’ Day. Building on the success of previous job fairs organised by MIFOTRA and City of Kigali, The CareEX Exhibition combines the proven benefits of career exhibitions with E3 International Ltd’s vast network and expertise in event management to create an unprecedented

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