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AFABEX (African Food & Beverage Exhibitions & Conference)
01st August, 2023 to 03rd August, 2023

Africa is known for its beautiful people, its exciting cultures, the amazing landscapes, and of course the exquisite foods. African delicacies aren’t only beautiful to look at, but they also taste delicious because they are seasoned and well prepared to nourish the body. 

Today Africa has a world Food Consumption per capita of 540.8 kg/per which translates to 1.48 kg per day. The highly consumed food items include among the top six; Meat, Fish, Flour, Vegetables (especially leaves), Rice, Plantain, and more.

On the other hand, beverages are another item highly consumed, with alcoholic beverages topping the list, followed by tea and coffee.  According to available information, the average global alcohol consumption is 10 liters in Europe of pure alcohol per person pa. Whereas in Africa the average consumption of alcohol is 6.4 and 6 liters per person per annum.

Tea consumption is at 6.4 million tons the world over while in Africa tea consumption amounted to 416,000 metric tons and coffee at 220,800 metric tons. 

For Rwanda, there is minimal consumption of tea and coffee. Even though Rwandans consume tea in the morning, the consumption is not that high.

With more arrivals in the country, coming from where the consumption of these two is high. The trend has greatly improved with an increase of 7% in tea consumption and a 4% increase in coffee consumption.  

Brief Description of the Event:

Rwanda as a Tourist Destination received an average of 870,000 arrivals in the last three years that is 2019 – 2021, the figures have been affected by the Covid19 Pandemic in 2020. The Covid Pandemic resulted in the closure of both the airport and land borders. Figures before Covid19, show that Rwanda registered annual arrivals of 1.6 million, stats by the Rwanda Development Board reveal.   

AFOBEX 2023, is an event that will bring an increased number of new travelers and business visitors to Rwanda by a noticeable figure every year. With about 500 hotels and accommodation facilities that provide accommodation and around 11,000 rooms with a 42% occupancy rate we believe, we can improve the occupancy rate towards that which is required for developed cities like Kigali.

Hosting AFOBEX 23 held at Kigali in Rwanda year after year would definitely play an undisputable role in increasing these numbers. 

Who should participate? 

Participants should come from the whole food and beverages sector starting from manufacturers, Stockists, agents, etc. these will include: – agriculturalists,

  1. Traders (food wholesale),
  2. Groceries,
  3. Agro industries,
  4. Poultry,
  5. Alcohol,
  6. Non-alcoholic,
  7. Cereals,
  8. Dried food,
  9. Fruits,
  10. Bakery/confectionary,
  11. Food technologies,
  12. Packing and packaging,
  13. Herbal products,
  14. Food additives,
  15. Spices,
  16. Hotel F&B managers,
  17. Hotel managers,
  18. Hospitality universities,
  19. Bartenders,
  20. Fast food restaurants,
  21. Chefs
  22. Baristas
  23. Industry’s procurement chiefs
  24. Public institutions,
  25. NGOs,
  26. Government official to food associations.

Exhibitors and visitors will come from across Africa and the world at large, but, Rwanda will take the lead as the host nation. That will be due to the event held along with the National Harvest Festival Umuganura. The theme for AFOBEX will be the one that will be used during Umuganura.

Timings for the event:

  • When? 1st August 2023 – (Corresponding to UMGANURA)

The event will run for 4 days is 1st to 4th August 2023. Umuganura is Rwanda’s festive annual harvest, this is done annually on the first day of August, but it has remained a national event. We would love to add to it an international event that will have participants coming from all over the World.

  • Where? Kigali – Rwanda (City Center Car Free Area). 

We would so much like the event to be in an open area where the trade visitors, product evaluators, food enthusiasts, food bloggers, media, and the public can easily access the venue.

  • For whom?

 In summary, the event is for the whole food value chain industry as earlier explained, Government, the Public, and NGOs.


We intend to have as many exhibitors as the venue can host and at least around 100 Exhibitors and about 2000 visitors on a daily basis, being national holidays between morning to evening hours that is (10 – 17 hrs.). Such that at the end of 4 days, the event will have over 8000 visitors.

These are good numbers looking at the magnitude of the event we wish to have in its inaugural year. We intend the event to be hosted annually with bigger figures as the event grows into one of the biggest on a continental level.    

Aims and objectives: 

Much as there will be space for the exhibition below are the main aims and objectives for hosting AFOBEX 23.

  • To stage an annual Food and Beverage festival for the benefit of the food and beverages value chain, and revenue generation for the entire hospitality industry of Kigali the and people of Rwanda in general.
  • To promote awareness, interest, and knowledge of the food and beverages industry in Africa and specifically in Rwanda
  • To encourage greater education of food and beverages, their provenance, and their qualities.
  • To provide new food and beverage-related trend settings, people to meet and socialize.
  • To organize professional trade fairs in food and beverage events that might not be available elsewhere in Africa.
  • To welcome a broad spectrum of the local and international community to participate in the event.
  • To facilitate support for local charities, particularly those involved in supplying food to those in need.


  • Marketing: The event will be a way for manufacturers, agents, and Stockists’ to meet a wide range of trade buyers and consumers both local and international, to promote their products. With print, visual and online media attending the event and not only the participants but Kigali as an epitome city will gain coverage.
  • Sales: Making sales at the site by exhibitors, expected many contractual and trade agreements to be signed including agencies for the Kigali-based trading houses. Much as the event will offer a taste of feel of their product to revelers.
  • Revenues: The more trade visitors and exhibitors especially foreign ones the more revenues for the country. But as well, the exhibitors getting extra larger volumes of sales figures towards their respective annual sales forecasts
  • Launch new products: Th event also will be a platform for launching new products. An event like AFOBEX is a great opportunity to launch new products, as well as introduce some less popular but quality products to the F & B industry and public. 
  • Export and Trade: The event can be a gateway to most Rwandan products for export to new markets through established contacts from the event. Exhibitors will get future partners, with whom they can trade, import, or export.
  • Meetings: The event will be a platform for producers and consumers to meet and discuss openly. They can discuss improvements and take complaints from consumers.
  • Social Benefit: We intend to invite NGOs that by attending they will help us by taking the surplus foods and non-alcoholic drinks to their needy beneficiaries those that cannot afford most of the products that will be showcased.

The event will offer a program and activities: The event will have spots for cooking food and the making of beverages. Other beverages both hard and soft and manufactured ones will offer a wide range of different tastes for the participants and attendees.  Among the other products that will be highly anticipated are healthy foods, food supplements, vegan choices, local meals, and beverages that date back in time. We will have a dining area designed in accordance with the culture, and region among others. 

Plenary sessions: 

  • Each day will have a specific Guest of Honor. The event will see chefs going for competitions, and trying out different foods from local to continental cuisine for the first three days. The winners will be announced on the final day and awarded. Each booth will have a high table for sampling bits of their products.
  • On the third day we will host an underprivileged children’s session in the morning, they will come to have a taste as well as the trend is for Umuganura.
  • Exhibition; which will run for a period of three days between morning hours and evening that is 9 am to 5 pm;