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CareEx (Career Exhibition and Conference)
01st May to 03rd May 2023

Rwanda has witnessed a big increase in the number of youths in its population. This directly increases the number of people seeking employment. Reports and surveys conducted in Rwanda by the Institute of National Statistics of Rwanda (INSR), showed a big number of people unemployed to be between 16 to 30 years of age, which is the youth bracket. 

CareEx, also known as Career Exhibition is a recruiting event in which employers and recruiters meet with potential employees and where job seekers find more about job openings with many potential employers under one roof.

The CareEx will be one of its kind in this Remarkable country and will mark an important milestone in the roadmap towards establishing Rwanda as a key and important Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Exhibition/Events (MICE) destination in Africa. This event will be highly interactive and will provide information, skilling, working and knowledge on apprenticeship and career schemes around the country, including a consideration of how careers can be used to develop new schemes or improve existing ones. The Fair will also provide an opportunity to refine commitments of actions from key stakeholders.

There will be conferences as part of side events around the main event will be hosted by Ministry of Public Service and Labour (Mifotra), the Fair’s main key stakeholder.

The theme for the Fair will be in line with the theme the Mifotra will use during the International Labour Day in May, 2023. We plan to have sponsors coming from our partners, government and private sector especially those in line with the Career Fair.

  1. When? 1st May, 2023 – Corresponding to International Labour Day.
  2. Where? Kigali – Rwanda
  3. For whom? Government Institutions, Corporate companies in Rwanda, Institutions of Higher Learning, Graduates from the las 3 to 4 years.

The event will bring together key actors from across the Globe responsible for policy making, planning and more. Over 100 Exhibitors, 400 to 500 delegates for the conference, comprising of mainly national authorities in the Region, in particular those in charge of employment policies, Industrialization, and those in Investment, relevant national and regional associations, as well as partners, trainers, youth representatives and employment services will attend the event. They will present illustrative practices as well as new developments to domain.

Aims and objectives:

This event will provide exhibition space, a forum for the presentation and discussion, Training etc.

  • Give students access to a large number of employers. 

The focus of the fair will be to get students access to employers who have plenty of positions to fill. Hosting the fair will give the ability to invite as many employers as the venue can handle.

  • Promote your school as a source of good candidates to employers. 

Learning Institutions have stakes in the career fair as well. They will wish employers to view school’s programs as good training venues for future employees.

  • Give employers access to high-quality job candidate.

The main reason recruiters will attend the fair will be to meet highly qualified students that can fill the positions they have open. When we host the fair, we will offer them this opportunity. They will as well keep records for future reference in case they need to hire.

  • Educate students on how to conduct their job search. 

Besides giving employers and students a chance to meet, the fair will offer a chance to host seminars and lectures on all aspects of looking for and securing a job.

In addition to the above the event will create an excellent opportunity for networking and establish a sustainable network of partner and stakeholder organizations.


  • Linking people especially recent graduates to their careers.
  • Decrease unemployment.
  • The Fair will bring MICE revenues to the country.
  • Give scholarships and training to students through our partners.
  • Our country will have another event to add to the Events Calendar.

The event will offer a program of activities allowing open dialogue, constructive critique and self-reflection. It will include the following key elements:

Plenary sessions: 

  • Presentations by different policymakers in the field from local and regional authorities. Representatives from Mifotra will highlight the priorities to support jobseekers’ transition into the labor market, including information on key initiatives in the field that will make them competitive during recruitment as well as vying for the right careers.
  • Presentations by experts on the current state of unemployment in Rwanda: research, and training, providing an overview of apprenticeships and traineeships, and highlighting key success factors, the main opportunities and challenges, and how to overcome them.
  • Introductory presentations on providing targeted advice on careers support, explaining its objectives and support packages available, including the Helpdesk service.
  • Exhibition: that will run for a period of three days between morning hours and evening that is 9 am to 5 pm;