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The First Edition

The inaugural E3 International Cancer Conference is set to take place at IRCAD Africa in Kigali, Rwanda. Themed “Bridging the Gap: Advancing Cancer Care, Research, and Education in Africa Beyond the Post-COVID Era,” the conference marks a pivotal moment for E3. Esteemed speakers from around the world will converge to address existing disparities, foster collaboration, and catalyze transformative changes in the African cancer landscape. This initiative aspires to make significant contributions to enhancing outcomes for cancer patients and advancing the understanding of cancer in the African context.

Objectives of the Conference

Examine the role of technology, artificial intelligence, and digital health tools in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care with a special focus on Colorectal cancers (digestive cancers).

Highlight collaborative African and global partnerships for cancer research and treatment. Emphasize robust data systems to inform policies and enhance outcomes in Africa.

Discuss the intersection between infectious diseases (e.g., HPV, HIV) and cancer in Africa, exploring prevention, screening and treatment strategies.

Explore strategies for delivering cancer care in regions with limited resources, focusing on innovative and cost- effective approaches.

Explore innovative approaches to delivering cancer treatments, including telemedicine, mobile health technologies, and community-based care models.

Examine the psychological and emotional aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment, highlighting strategies to support mental health throughout the cancer journey.




Policy makers

Medical Practitioners



Clinical students

Pharmaceutical Industries

Manufacturers of medical devices 


Diagnostic tools experts

Public health professionals

Health administrators

Patient advocates

Health educators


Healthcare policymakers

Benefits of attending and exhibiting


Generate new business by meeting new customers and develop new relationships 


Effective in establishing valuable contacts efficiently.


Personalised recommendations for business leads.


Stay in touch with up-to-date & competitive with the latest products in healthcare.


Increase your international presence.


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Most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for the Conference

To register for the Cancer Conference, please visit our conference website and navigate to the “Register” page. Follow the provided instructions to complete the registration process. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

The Cancer Conference will cover a wide range of topics related to cancer research, treatment advancements, and patient care. Session details, including specific topics and speakers, can be found in the conference agenda on our website. We aim to provide comprehensive insights into the latest developments in cancer-related fields.

Absolutely! We encourage researchers, clinicians, and professionals to submit abstracts for presentation consideration. Visit the “Abstracts” page on our website to learn more about the submission guidelines and deadlines. We look forward to showcasing innovative research and facilitating meaningful discussions at the conference.

Yes, the Cancer Conference will offer a virtual attendance option. We understand the importance of flexibility, especially considering current circumstances. Virtual attendees will have access to live-streamed sessions, interactive discussions, and exclusive digital content. Visit our conference website for details on how to register for the virtual experience.